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Dresden in World War II Tour

Exodus and new beginning – Dresden in World War II

Destruction and rebuilding of a town

Over many miles the red shining was to be seen when Dresden was bombed and burned in February 1945. The fire storm changed the town, the people who lived in it and the life there forever.

Ruine Frauenkirche Dresden
Frauenkirche Dresden

What happened and why? … How did people deal with this experience? … How did life find a way back into the destroyed town? Which way did it go until today? … What did stay? What has changed? What did arise new? … And what is NOW?

Dresden Zwinger 1945
Zwinger Dresden Wallpavillon

These and many more questions, as well as your own questions, will move us on our tour through the old and the new Dresden. We walk through the historic Old Town and follow the trail of destruction and rebuilding of the Zwinger, Semperoper, Royal Palace, Our Ladie´s Church and many more. And we will see, how Dresden got a new face, against all political hindrances and problems.

This offer can be booked by individuals and groups. It is not a public guided tour.

In addition, you can visit the Panometer Dresden, which shows Yadegar Asisi´s 360°- panorama picture “Dresden 1945” until summer 2020. Here you are able to experience in a very lifely and authentic way, what has happened in the night of February 13th in 1945.


Duration 1,5 hours:


90 € for a group up to 10 persons

120 € for a group up to 20 persons

150 € for a group up to 30 persons


Duration 2 hours:


120 € for a group up to 10 persons

160 € for a group up to 20 persons

200 € for a group up to 30 persons


Longer or shorter tours are possible too, please ask me about it.

Price for small groups on request.

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